Q. Is a Fishing License Required?

A. All persons 16 and over are required to have a fishing license. These can be purchased online or stop by any bait and tackle stores or you could even check with your local Wal­Mart or K­Mart.

Q. How Many People Can I Bring Aboard?

A. In compliance with the U.S. Coast Guard Regulations we may carry a MAXIMUM of six (6) passengers and we are Licensed and Insured properly for that amount only.

Q. Do I need to bring along any fishing equipment?

A. No, All Rods, Reels and Terminal Tackle are provided at no extra cost, with Erie Drifter we only carry the finest equipment available. Bring food and beverages in a cooler and good quality rain wear, and non-­slip footwear.

Q. Can I Bring Beer or Alcohol on the Boat?

A. Yes beer and wine is allowed, Please we prefer cans to bottles because of breakage on the boat.

Q. Is there any age limit for bringing along my kids?

A. Our best advice is that children under 5 years old may not enjoy the trip and might make it difficult for other anglers. Children under 10 should be accompanied by an adult. Life jackets are on board for adults and children.

Q. What happens when weather is unsafe to fish?

A. We will communicate and decide if there will be a better day, We will tell you not to come and refund your deposit or use it for a later date.

Q. Who can enjoy a charter?

A. Anyone who enjoys the outdoors and loves to share an adventure with friends or family. Many corporations charter us for motivating clients to buy their products and just relaxing. Large groups can charter both of our boats and lodges and we arrange there own mini tournament and promote a huge fish fry with camp fire!